Friday, 17 July 2015

What Lies Ahead For GamerHeist

What's cracking all you good people? As you may have noticed, I've been gone. I'll be graduating from college in like 2 months so it's crunch time. I'll be going back to get another degree anyway so yeah...kinda not the happiest about that since I hate school lol >.< 

Anyway, down to business. I've had this site for what...two years now? It's been fun, but I've grown tired of having to resupply games when bastards rat me out and have my games taken down, when bastards rat me out and have my add accounts banned (and I have to re-link everything). It's grown to be too much work for one man, and it gets worse every time the amount of content on the site grows.

I've finally decided on a solution to this. It's great to have people just come here, take and leave...I'm sure, but what if we were a community instead? I've been thinking man...I wanna build a forum for this place. Scrap the blog completely, and have a real community where users can post their own content, so if my link is down, chances are someone else has it. I wanna hire staff to help me out (more like need to lol). I want members, moderators, admins, contributors etc. I want a help center like the one I ran when I worked as an Admin on other gaming boards. Different sections so users can ask questions and chat about things other than why my link isn't working for them.

What do you guys think? Besides that, the only other thing I can do at the moment is close this place down, so I figured "why not create a community that can thrive without me being around?". If I can get members to post games, and help as Staff, it'd be much easier on us all I think. Of course, all my stuff will still be here, but there's nothing wrong with a little backup right? Yes, or is it time to close this place down? I do this for you guys, so your answers will help me determine what happens next.


  1. Great idea. Count me in. I'm with you all the way Skitz.

  2. I love the idea and would definitely contribute. This is a valuable resource not just for games but all the tutorials etc. We need to keep it alive!

    1. I would love this to happen. I've been using this site and posting as wiiluver (Shock, right?). So yeah, count me in! This sounds awesome!

  3. That would be awesome man love the work you put into this place and i would hate to see it go so it would be great if it was kept alive as a community thing!

  4. Sounds good guys. Well I'll start looking into it. Gonna require a bit of cash so I'm prioritizing. Hopefully sooner than later I can begin building the forum.